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Wood fireplace surrounds – Design your wood fireplace surrounds vertically or horizontally from the fireplace to the ceiling to create an impact in your space. With alternating wood strips may have different sizes, different styles and different colors, depending on how much you want surround to stand out. Or choose to make a more subtle wood strip surround with 4-inch oak staves, all colored the same. The wooden structure will be a focal point element in the room, but would not command as much attention as the bold stripes of contrasting color.

Reclaimed Wood Mantels For Fireplaces

Reclaimed Wood Mantels For Fireplaces

Design of wood fireplace surrounds, when considering home design, wood fireplace surrounds is a feature that deserves special attention.  With so much greater focus on fireplace design a particularly attractive surround can be well worth the effort. Creating a wood fireplace surrounds that fits your home and style can make a boring fireplace into a piece that really makes a statement.

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Reclaimed Wood Mantels For Fireplaces

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Select materials for your wood fireplace surrounds, so the home’s overall style to guide you. Determine if the resale value is a factor in your decision. Gather all the room’s design elements with final touches on the wood fireplace surrounds .such as blankets or curtains. Customize the wood fireplace surrounds with mantel.