What Are Bound Carpet Edging

Carpet edging – There is a big misconception when it comes to the term “bonded carpet remnants”. As people tend to confuse this with a small carpet area, and this is not true. A carpet edging means that the roll of carpet was covered in paper or plastic and tied with string, yarn, or tape, and ready to be shipped. What they are confused with carpet binding, and it means to take a small piece of scrap or carpet and stitch edging.

Boat Carpet Edging

Boat Carpet Edging

One thing is good for the buzz phrase is when phoning around and shopping for the type of carpet, and you asked the rep on the phone kind of remnants carpet edging they have in stock. This means they only come and have usually been sitting around the store for a long time. The reason they came this way, is that carpet makers may have run out of that resource when the particles weave carpets together, and they do not have enough to make a complete roll of standard length.

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Boat Carpet Edging


Another possibility is that carpet edging Special orders and the order was canceled in the middle of production, and this is what remains of the production. Sometimes you can get lucky enough to call various stores and they will have a kind of carpet set up, and buy said it bought three of product bound you can have enough to carpet your entire house. This will only work normally if you are going after the very popular, or well know brand and color.