Modern Carpet Runners for Stairs

Carpet runners for stairs protect the wood and minimize the risk of falls, both open and closed stairs. Stairs not have a wall on one or both sides are referred to as open stairs. Carpet installation on open stairs is similar to that of closed stairways. The only difference is that the installer must ensure […]

Traditional Stair Runner Carpet

Stair Runner Carpet Of Beautiful Staircases And Cozier FeelĀ – Stair runners give the unique look of your staircase and comfortable feeling for your feet while climbing up and down. Enhance the beauty of your staircase and make it cozier for you. If you really looking for information on how to choose the perfect rug stair […]

5x7 Carpet Pad Color

5×7 carpet – If you plan to install new carpet in your home, you can install it yourself instead of hiring a professional because hiring someone else to fit your carpet can be costly. The process of fitting carpet is simple and can be done with a minimum of tools and time. Anyone who can […]

Awesome Softest Carpet Pad

Softest Carpet Pad Ideas – A carpetĀ pad is just as important as a rug, because it gives a luxurious padded feeling when you walk on it, extends the life of your carpet, can absorb surface noise making a room quieter and it can also prevent heat loss. Pads are available in a variety of materials […]

Bedroom Carpet Ideas Blue

Bedroom carpet ideas – Carpets is a versatile, practical choice for the bedroom flooring. It provides warmth, color and noise absorption, provides a non-slip surface for safety and offers thousands of design choices. Depending on the style you choose, it can be cheaper than hardwood or laminate flooring, but more expensive solutions can offer better […]

Amazing Polyester Carpet

Polyester carpet – Polyester carpets are one of the least costly manufactured fibers. Unfortunately, polyester carpeting is not as resilient as some of the other available materials. Polyester fibers have an increased tendency to keep dirt and carpet down in high traffic areas. As a result, the proper care and cleaning is a must in […]

Waterproof Carpet Adhesive

Waterproof carpet – Create a landing place when you walk in the door of your home by creating a waterproof carpet entryway. Even if your door opens directly into a room, you can create a small entryway into the space to separate doorway from the rest of the room. If space near your door is […]

Bad Mold under Carpet

Mold under carpet – Mold can be a serious problem in the housing, especially when it infects a very porous surface which blanket. The fungal spores grow and dig down deep into the carpet, spread and make it very difficult to fully eradicate it. Many homeowners choose to cut out and replace carpet damaged by […]

Amazing Carpet Gripper

Carpet gripper pads prevent rugs from slipping. When you step on a carpet without rubber backing or support that has worn off, the carpet image and causes a person to fall. But gripper pads sometimes leave marks on the floor, and requires an occasional cleaning to remove all residues. Make a cleaning solution at home […]