Tartan Plaid Carpet

Plaid carpet colors work well in a cabin with interior log walls or exposed wood. Dark shades of carpet countered the bright color of the finished timber. If you live in a house where you spend lots of time outside or have small children who come and go from the outside to the inside, not […]

Carpet Grass Types

Carpet Grass – You have different qualities, weaves and colors to choose from. Outdoor carpet can be purchased in rolls like a normal tile or carpet. In order to choose the best quality carpet for your project, first consider where they will be used. This will determine whether the best carpet in the outdoors needs […]

Red Carpet Treads

Carpet treads – Homeowners have many options when it comes to carpet their stairs. Method used for carpets, depends on personal style and preferences, as well as structure of stairs. If carpeting stairs themselves, choose option that best suits your skills to install carpet, and durability of finished project. Within rug, place padding on each […]

Soft Frieze Carpet

Frieze carpet – These are small thread rollers that are compact and aligned in the same height. They are very easy to clean as the dirt stays on the surface and is not embedded inside. They are ideal for places with a lot of traffic, since there is no trace of the footprints. You can […]

Soft Nylon Frieze Carpet

Nylon frieze carpet is kind of carpet decor which can add a nice look to your home. Although it has similar to the traditional shaggy carpet in some aspects, but nylon frieze carpet can be a decorative carpet that has a high level of touch. This creates a very durable carpet and did not show […]

Unique Carpet to Tile Transition Strip

Carpet to Tile Transition Strips – Making the transition from tile newly developed carpet is not very difficult. It just takes time. Most people usually do not use a metal rod, or a marble threshold, or one of the good wood. Most people have, instead of going directly to the carpet tiles. However, this is […]

Commercial Carpet Tile Transition

Carpet tile transition separate one type of another floor, although usually this role is very different from each other. Transitions come in the form of plastic and metal. The metal becomes more expensive and professional option. There are different types of shifts, depending on the specific application. There are transitional pieces for that as well. […]

Nylon Carpet Colors Ideas

Nylon carpet – Your home carpet takes a beating. From pets to your family tracking dirt into the house, maybe your nylon carpet dirty and in need of cleaning. Nylon carpet is not difficult to clean, but do not take up much water and will take a long time to dry if you use a […]

Modern Greige Carpet

Greige carpet – Shabby chic decorating involves using furniture that look like antiques combined with more modern items. The result is an elegant room that consists of furniture from different periods. Incorporate the decorating style of your nursery design using colors that complement the existing gray floors and add furniture and accessories that provide bursts […]

Carpet Binding Edge

Carpet binding – Binding a blanket protects edges from fraying, tearing or fraying. You can tie a rug by sewing or gluing synthetic or cotton tape over edges. You can create carpets, car mats and small rugs by binding carpet remnants or large pieces carved blanket. A professional carpet binder can make it binding on […]