Area Rug over Carpet

Most homeowners and buyers are separated into rug over carpet. Those who prefer the bare floor can have all the same amenities, plus a few more, as people like wall to wall shag, with no negatives. Here are three reasons why the Oriental rug is the best choice for home. Caring rug over carpet can […]

High traffic carpet – If you’ve lived in your home for more than a year. You may begin to notice that the carpet was not as clean as it used to. Maybe it looked bleak in high traffic areas. Perhaps children and pets had left stained. Or maybe just do not have new carpet “sparkle” […]

Fake Grass Carpet Backyard

Fake grass carpet – More and more people are opting to perform their artificial gardening with artificial turf or replace natural grass turf with some alternative options. There are plenty of good reasons why people choose an option like artificial turf for patios and gardens. In areas where droughts are common, elimination of natural grass […]

Cut Pile Carpet Berber

Cut pile carpet – The carpets are a decorative item that should not be missing in any household. Because they are useful, they make an atmosphere more welcoming and decorate an awful lot. In addition, everyone can find a carpet to their liking, because the size, shape and materials with which they can be made […]

Average Carpet Pile Height

Carpet pile height – Carpet home is a great way to make it friendly and comfortable for parents. Common sense confirms that it is far more likely that they will slip on the carpet compared with a smooth floor, especially if there is a spill wet. Soft textured surface will always feel safe for parents […]

Area Rug on Carpet Techniques

Area rug on carpet – Measure your area rug. Know the dimensions area rug, you need to secure. You can go with just making sure the ends and corners. Place a rug pad under the rug. You can buy a rug pad from home part of the Target, Walmart and other stores. Not only is […]

Beautiful Racetrack Carpet Design

Racetrack carpet – Whether it is about a simple stubborn stain or an entire carpet, which over time has become more and more dirty, then it can be a daunting task to get it clean again. Most also know the pressure points, which soon comes when you let furniture stand on his blanket. Whatever problem […]

Garden Outdoor Grass Carpet

Outdoor grass carpet – Are you thinking of putting artificial grass in your garden or attic? We tell you everything you need to know to choose the one that best suits your needs: features, models, uses, installation system and more! The artificial turf stands out for its incredible resemblance to natural grass. But, being a […]

Boat Carpet Edging

Carpet edging – There is a big misconception when it comes to the term “bonded carpet remnants”. As people tend to confuse this with a small carpet area, and this is not true. A carpet edging means that the roll of carpet was covered in paper or plastic and tied with string, yarn, or tape, […]

Baby Walker for Carpet Design

Baby walker for carpet – The idea behind this concept is that it will keep baby entertained for long periods of time, and possibly give your child practice. Most of these walkers are made of plastic with a wheel base at the bottom. Most baby walkers have a tray with lots of toys tied to […]