Reasons You Should Choose Oriental rug over Carpet

Most homeowners and buyers are separated into rug over carpet. Those who prefer the bare floor can have all the same amenities, plus a few more, as people like wall to wall shag, with no negatives. Here are three reasons why the Oriental rug is the best choice for home.

Area Rug over Carpet

Area Rug over Carpet

Caring rug over carpet can be quite a chore sometimes. You have to vacuum and sweep frequently, and even shampoo and steam clean it on occasion. This can be very expensive, because most people have to either rent the equipment needed to perform these tasks, or hire a professional to come to their home and do it. With Oriental rugs, you only need to roll it up, take it out, hang on a fence or a washing line, and beat the shit out of it.

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Area Rug Over Carpet


Every few years, when you really want to clean it. You roll it, remain in your car, and take it to a specialist who can clean it up in their own store. Additionally, if you ever stain rug over carpet, you can cover up blemishes or you have to replace everything, which can be very expensive. The same option exists for the carpet, but it is far less expensive items to replace. Generally, when choosing a carpet for your home, you choose the color and the thickness. When selecting Oriental rugs for the home, buyers can choose the thickness, size, color, pattern, peripheral, and plenty of choice.