Oriental Carpet: Beautiful Touch for the Home

Oriental carpet – It is becoming increasingly clear how some tendencies. And characteristics peculiar to oriental cultures. they are becoming a hollow in decorating styles. Until sometimes becoming pieces or key designs in the western world. From the Far East we have come currents that have had a great influence in the decoration. And the interiorismo such as the Feng Shui. However, we have also received inspiration from other cultures in the Middle East, such as Persian carpets.

Interior Oriental Carpet

Interior Oriental Carpet

Oriental carpet usually has a similar design between them. And are usually easily distinguishable. All Persian carpets are characterized by a tendency to symmetry. And by following patterns similar to each other. Persian carpets are usually woven in fabrics with earthy. And natural tones such as ochres, reds and browns. Then they have two edges around the edge of the carpet. One outer edge and one inner edge forming a smaller rectangle. Inside the inner box are four protrusions at the corners. And in the middle a round medallion that is the central motif of the Persian carpet.

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Interior Oriental Carpet


The central boxes of oriental carpet are usually decorated with oriental patterns and motifs. A pattern for the patterning of the Persian carpets very common is the designs of cashmere. That is to say, those small forms with the appearance of bacteria or amibas, that is so fashionable lately.

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