New Shaw Carpet Tiles

Shaw carpet tiles are stain resistant and easy to install and stain resistant, it’s make them a good choice for high-traffic areas, playrooms and anywhere that you need a solution for easy colored carpeting. One of best things about carpet tiles is their versatility. You can install tile wall to wall or create an area rug in middle of room for a more customized look. If a tile comes worn or get a stain that cannot be removed, simply drag tile up and replace it with a new one.

Modern Shaw Carpet Tiles

Modern Shaw Carpet Tiles

Find center of room by measuring along each wall to find midpoint. Snap a chalk line across room at each center to create a large T in middle of room. Starting tiles in center of room will prevent all of shaw carpet tiles cut ends of one side of room.   Peel adhesive backing from a carpet tile. Press tile into place in center of room. Put tiles all around first tile.

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Modern Shaw Carpet Tiles


Peel off adhesive back and press tiles close together to avoid seams. Continuing to tiles that are working towards edge of space. Set all whole squares. Measure edges of room to cut tiles with a tape measure. Mark back of tile, where it will be cut. Put a straightedge ruler along mark. Cut along ruler with a utility knife. Peel adhesive backing and place shaw carpet tiles in place on floor.

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