Natural Farmhouse Sink White

Farmhouse sink white – In this conventional method, the sink is installed from above in a hole already prepared on the counter. This type of installation offers the widest range of shapes, sizes and styles to ensure the election sink more suitable for integration kitchen. Under counter sinks, which are especially nice in combination with granite countertops, wood or Solid Surface, provide smooth, uninterrupted surfaces. Installed under the counter, they have a borderless finish, easy to clean and perfectly integrated into the kitchen environment.

White Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

White Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

The farmhouse sink white design is installed in the same way as traditional sink integration. Given the slim profile of the shelf, only have a slightly elevated transition from countertop to sink. The design of the flush installation is very similar profile Slimtop, with the difference that the sink is flush with the counter al. To do this, the counter should be milled to the size of the sink profile. It is installed covering the milled part. The two materials (sink and counter) are at the same height.

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White Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

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Carefully make a rectangular cut in the material of the upper cover. For farmhouse sink white mounted under the counter, trimming should be about 1/4 narrower than the width of sink, side by side inches. The measurement from the front to the back of the cut will vary, depending on how far you want the sink comes cabinets.

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