Mexican Tapestry Method for Making Hand Woven Rugs

Mexican tapestry – For hand-woven carpets feed encountered, in tapestry weaving weft yarns include warp entirely. Wool brought from selvage to Selvedge to form simple areas of color that can work for any length needed for the design of carpet weaving. When, however, more than one color is required, two shuttles, each wound with different colored wool, are used.

Mexican Tapestry of Grace

Mexican Tapestry of Grace

With the techniques shown in this section, you will begin to see how their own Mexican tapestry with a simple design hand woven carpets you can work. When weave line up to six threads in this case is not required to complete wool at the end of every stripe. Wool can be carried to the side of the hand woven carpet with the selvage. This means that the selvage thicker in some places than in others but is not visible. If the lines are wider than six threads depth is better to complete each individual stripe in the selvage.

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If one picks a color weaving Mexican tapestry and then on the next line selecting colors and weaving and so on, these picks will cover the warp in such a way that a thin vertical line is formed. This method has been used for centuries for vertical lines and patterns can be used across the entire width of the hand-woven carpet, or in a block, to form a design. When using thin weft yarn lying neatly on the selvage, but when the thick wool carpet was used selvedges can be thick and stiff.

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