Kids Coat Rack Plan Ideas

Kids coat rack – Instead of having a standing coat rack falling over every time the kids put all their coats on the same side of the upright pole, you can build a custom-made rack that is mounted to the wall of your closet or an unused corner of the hall. This project will be of great help in organizing your home and give each family member a place to hang his jacket.

Amazing Kids Coat Rack

Amazing Kids Coat Rack

Building a homemade kids coat rack can be as simple as cutting a piece of a by 4 fir or pine and screw the board to the inside of a closet or perhaps choose a place in the hall, where family members and visitors can hang their clothes. When the board is up and firmly attached to the wall, then you can buy metal clothes hanging hooks at your local hardware store and connect them to the 1-by-4 with small wood screws. It is best to

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Clothes kids coat rack hanging hook is likely to be smoothly around of fed and finished so as not to cause danger to passersby. Still, it’s a good idea not to place such a device in an inconspicuous place. The inside of the wardrobe is excellent, and you can also add a shelf on top if you like. Instead of using metal hooks, make your own wooden poles for hanging up clothes with rounded of pieces of wood dowels. Assemble your hanging board just like before, but drill a number of holes 3/4-inch at a forty five degree angle into the woods.