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The rustic carpet on the stairs gives you more traction and comfort underfoot. For those who want do it yourself projects and do not want to learn how to install carpet using the stretch of installation method, with the help of carpet tiles is an easier choice to consider. There is no padding is needed, and shell and square plates are also available. In the end, you will not be able to distinguish between traditional carpet and carpet tiles. Select the type of carpet tiles you want.

Amazing Rustic Carpet

Amazing Rustic Carpet

Measure your rustic carpet stairs. You will be concerned with the step and rise. The step is part of the stairs feet to move, while the increase is the piece of the stairs in front of the stage. Measure the length and width of the stage, and then the length and breadth of the upturn.

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Write the measurements down. Calculate how many rustic carpet tiles you need to complete the project. Divide the length of your stride for the length of a carpet tile. Round up to the nearest integer. Divide the width of your steps by the width of a carpet tile. Round up to the nearest integer. The larger of the two is the number of carpet tiles is to include a step.

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