Fun Play Houses for Kids of All Age

Play houses for kids – The house must be used by all the kids and it therefore requires that it be adapted to different age groups of both sexes. We decided to build the house on two floors. Both of having two different departments, but also to take advantage of the great terrain differences in the garden. The ground floor has thus become a small house with four walls, windows, stable door and the porch.

Charm Play Houses for Kids

Charm Play Houses for Kids

The first play houses for kids floor, which is reached via an outside ladder, only shielded by a massive shield, so that there is a clear view of all four corners of the world. Over this part there is a lean, so you can stay there in the rain and snow and still feel protected.

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Charm Play Houses For Kids

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The total cost amounted to approximately 6,000 kr. which is almost the same as a self assembly house from the construction market. Before the house was completely finished, we have already come to sleep here all five, here are read books and children, and the time of writing I am sitting on the first floor with a glass of white wine and write this article. Yes, a play houses for kids of all ages.

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