Create Egyptian Room with Landscape Tapestry

Landscape tapestry – Once glories of ancient Egypt in a specially designed room. Incorporate the colors found in the desert and exploiting designs from ancient artifacts will ensure a proper atmosphere. Create an accent wall with an Egyptian design, such as a wall painting of the Sphinx and the three pyramids around it, or today’s Cairo, with one of the barges on the Nile slow.

Landscape Tapestry

Landscape Tapestry

Hang a landscape tapestry depicting life in ancient Egypt on the wall. Then a neoclassical landscape chaise would provide seating, accented with a camel side table. A figural table with a glass plate can serve as a coffee table, located between the carriage and an Egyptian throne. A console or cabinet with Egyptian themes can hold an entertainment center. Ask a bench with the head of the Sphinx on both sides against a wall.

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Beside hang landscape tapestry, an Egyptian hourglass can sit on a side table. Set a collection of several marble pyramids of varying sizes on top of a bookcase, interspersed with marble obelisks. Select the papyrus-paper prints in gold-leaf frames containing images of the pharaoh, hieroglyphics or temple. Place colorful Egyptian perfume bottles on top of a vanity. Sphinx, Egyptian camel or animal god knobs can replace the drawer pulls on the cabinets.

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