Buying Carpet Pile Height for the Elderly

Carpet pile height – Carpet home is a great way to make it friendly and comfortable for parents. Common sense confirms that it is far more likely that they will slip on the carpet compared with a smooth floor, especially if there is a spill wet. Soft textured surface will always feel safe for parents that allow them to maintain the confidence and ease of movement. A smooth floor can cause parents to be cautious and feel uncomfortable.

Average Carpet Pile Height

Average Carpet Pile Height

But it is important to get carpet pile height and a structure that is right for them; in some cases, long-haired rugs can be just as dangerous as smooth floors. Carpets that are too soft can cause loss of balance and contribute to falls. Installing carpet with too thick bottom layer can provide too soft feel underfoot leads to unsteadiness and possible loss of balance. It is generally accepted and suggested that the dense, tightly tufted carpet with a firm, low profile stacks will help to prevent the trip.

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Average Carpet Pile Height


It is less likely that the soles of shoes, a cane or walking frame to be stuck in a short pile carpet. At the same time, choose a rug that has a waterproof, rot-proof, gel type of support will go a long way toward easing the maintenance and safety issues. Type carpet pile height is also very suitable for wheelchair use, making it easier to operate with less resistant to the wheel. A better resistance to crushing and leveling means less likely to suffer the loss of its original appearance.