Amazing Ideas Kids Bookshelves

Kids bookshelves bedroom can be much more than just a timber loaded down with books. It is easy to design children’s bookshelves around the things that make them smile and reflect their individual tastes. Some children like sports, while others enjoy the dolls, video games and television. Which in principle means, every child is different to create something fun in their bedroom to look at and use on a daily basis can keep them in their rooms anymore. Here are some decorating themes for bookshelves in the children place that could change their study habits

Beautiful Kids Bookshelves

Beautiful Kids Bookshelves

Girls love Barbie, so why not create entire kids bookshelves around the Barbie with the help of the logo. Cut out the newspaper clipping or drawing her favorite Barbie doll image on the shelves. If your daughter has a Barbie collection, likes to show more of her favorite dolls on the shelves or put them shadow boxes to help preserve them if they are collectors’.

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Beautiful Kids Bookshelves

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Most boys are into sports, so the center of your son favorite sport and create a theme around it if it baseball, paint the kids bookshelves of his team favorite and add their brand for example, if he likes the NY Yankees. Use white and blue color to paint the shelves, hand hooks forming the shelves and hang their baseball hats. Frame gaming books and baseball cards and place on the shelves too.